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Legacy Learning Systems Pay Per Click Rules

Updated June, 2011

We DO NOT allow bidding on our trademarks or any restricted terms. All terms listes at restricted must be added as negative keywords, broad match. Learn more about how search engines handle negative keywords differently.

The following words are prohibited from being used in your ad copy in conjunction with our trademarked brands or when bidding on our trademarked names and instructor names.

Suck(s) Stink(s) Scam(s)
Rip-Off / Rip Off Don't / Do Not Buy Don't/Do Not Purchase
Don't / Do Not Trust Official Site Fraud
Sham(s) Fake(s) Are You Kidding Me

Examples of Ads that will not be allowed with or without a question mark:

Learn and Master Sucks
Do Not Buy This Course (when bidding on our names)
Learn and Master Scam
Don’t Buy Learn and Master
Learn and Master Rip-Off
Don’t Trust Learn and Master
Learn and Master – Are You Kidding Me

This is not an exhaustive list of course but you get the idea.  I am sure you may have questions about specific ads, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to review your ads. I am more than happy to!



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