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     Chord Chart
Chord Chart

Reading the Gibson Learn & Master chord chart is easy. The graphic shows each string on fretboard on your guitar. The horizontal bars represent the frets. Dots are used to show you where to place your fingers on the strings in order to strike the chord. The dots have numbers that correspond to your fingers. One "1" being your index finger, "2" is your middle finger and so on.

We have provided more of the basic fundemental chords for beginning guitar player. The most basic chord charts will cover chords such as E, A, D, C, G, B and F. The best approach is to learn each chord as thoroughly as possible, and then work on transitioning smoothly between each chord. Work on mastering the basics of smooth chord transitions and the proper placement of fingers on the strings and frets. This will make advanced play easier later in the learning process. Some people find it easier to play the chords in chord families.

Check out the Sample Lessons of the "Lessons" portion of the app for more information and exercises.

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