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Chromatic Tuner

How to Tune a Guitar Using the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App's Chromatic Tuner

Tuning the guitar is vital to sounding good. Here are some simple instructions that explain guitar tuning basics. The open strings of a guitar from the thickest to thinnest are as follows:

E — the thickest or lowest sounding string is known as the 6th string
A — is the 5th
D — is the 4th
G — is the 3rd
B — is the 2nd
E — the thinest or highest is the 1st

Simply pluck the desired string, the tuner's needle will indicate if the string is sharp or flat. Continue plucking the string and adjusting the tension on the string until the needle is straight up, pointing at '0'. Tip - it is recommended that you first loosen the strings and 'tune up' to the desired tuning.

The default setting for the tuner is "All Notes" - to change the standard tuning or alternate tunings, simply click on the MODE button. From this screen you can select the "Simple Mode" or a selection of alternate tunings.

** iPod Touch users will need an external mic or mic'd earphones plugged into the audio jack in order to use the Chromatic and Simple tuners (with sound off) - To use the tune without a microphone, click on the Modes button on the Chromatic Tuner screen - change to the Simple mode with Sound "ON" - click DONE and you will be taken to the Simple tuner screen. Touch the string you want to tune and a tone will play and repeat. Tune your instrument to the tone being played.

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