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Review by Christie Scipione, Head of the St. Mary Magdalen Deaf Ministry

The Learn And Master Sign Language course by Legacy is actually ASL.
It is very well done! I'd recommend this to everyone. Especially for family and friends of a deaf person who don't have time to take classes. They can take this course at their convenience and review as often as they need to.

I was pleasantly surprised by Legacy Learning System's ASL course called "Learn and Master Sign Language." As an ASL instructor, I have always hesitated to recommend an online or DVD/book learning course for those wanting to learn ASL because they all turned out to be more pidgin signed English than ASL, until now. This course, with Stacey Webb and Dr. Bryon Bridges, is the first course I've seen that is actually ASL. Stacey does an excellent job in effectively describing each lesson and the ASL aspects of it. Byron shows the Deaf way of signing ASL, and although it is slow enough for beginners to clearly see how to make the signs and expressions, it is also a great review for intermediate signers. The DVDs are very clear and easy to watch without any glare to wear out your eyes. The DVD and book follows a natural progression for learning ASL, starting with the basics and covering all of the essentials. I was very pleased with this course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn ASL, or for a good review to make sure that what they are signing is actually ASL.

Review by Holly Hyman, ASL Teacher at Winter Springs High School

I would recommend this course to many, many, many people. I would offer it all the way from beginner - all the way to advanced.

Signed Translation: Hello, my name is Holly Hyman. I am a teacher at Winter Springs High School. I received the videos for Learn and Master Sign Language. I think it is awesome because it is important to ASL, not English sign language. There are many reasons why I like the program, such as; it has great facial expressions, role shifting, glossing, listing, CL, and quizzes for you to see if you are really learning the information. I would recommend this to many different people. It is important for people who have a Deaf family member to learn ASL not English sign.

"My teenage child learned some basic Sign Language using YouTube, but the Learn And Master ASL course changed her from knowing how to finger spell, to fully communicating.  I don't think they market this ASL course to children, but I think they should, it's great for adults and kids!" ~ Melody G, Atlanta

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am that the “Learn & Master Sign Language” DVD program that your company was produced with Dr. Byron Bridges. I’ve said for years, the best and ONLY teachers that I want to learn from are from those who “own” the language. Thank you for having such a good product! Cyndie M.

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