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At Legacy Learning Systems, our goal is to help Bring Your Personal Dreams Within Reach. This page provides an overview of our site to help you find your way around and learn more about our high-quality instructional courses. Thank you for shopping with us! 

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Learn & Master Courses

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz

Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow

Learn & Master Drums with Dann Sherrill


Learn & Master Photography with Vince Wallace

Learn & Master Painting with Gayle Levee

Learn & Master Ballroom Dance with Jaimee Simon and Mark Short

Homeschool Learn & Master Editions

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition

Learn & Master Piano Home School Edition

Learn & Master Painting Home School Edition

Learn & Master Spotlight Series Courses

Learn & Master Blues Guitar

Learn & Master Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn & Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance

Legacy Guitar Services

Learn & Master Student Support Forums


Learn and Master Photography LessonsLearn and Master Piano LessonsLearn and Master Drum LessonsLearn and Master Painting LessonsLearn and Master Ballroom Dance Lessons
Learn and Master Spotlight Series