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"After already purchasing your other courses, I figured Learn & Master Drums would be a winner too. You guys didn't disappoint. The course is challenging but not overwhelming. And the fact that I have a professional teaching me in my home and ready on demand for when I'm ready, can't be beat. Going to school was a chore. But this type of learning is fun! Thanks Legacy."

— Randy Link
Russellville, Arkansas

"If one is familiar with the quality of material presented by Legacy Learning Systems, they will not be surprised by the outstanding professional level of production of the DVDs offered in Learn & Master Drums. They are of the highest quality.

I am very excited about this course! I have very quickly learned more about drumming than I ever knew. I am hearing the drums more clearly when I listen to music and I find myself trying to figure out how I might play it. I am confident that I will be able to do that by the time I finish this course. After a few short weeks I can already play along in a simple fashion with many songs. I highly recommend this course."

— Bob Mallord
Brandon, Mississippi

"I thought the course was well laid out. I really liked Dann’s laid back style of presenting the material. The jam sessions were the favorite part for me. Actually having a "band" to play with makes it all come together. I also really liked the fact that once you get the basic sections down you can jump around to the type of music that most interests you. Playing what you enjoy quickly keeps the interest level up. I didn't find anything difficult to understand. This is the great thing about the course…it is easy to rewind and play again until you get it.

This is a great way to learn the drums in the privacy of your own home. You get all the benefits of a private teacher, without the expense or needing to work into someone else's schedule. Learning to play the music you love quickly is key to sticking to an instrument and this course does just that...gets you the basics then lets you go in your chosen direction.

With this course I think you've hit a home run again. I think it is an outstanding product."

— Mark Bluhm
Cottage Grove, Minnesota

"I am looking forward to working through the rest of the course and am certain that there will be enough content to keep me going for years."

— Brian Andrews
Shrewsbury, Great Britain

"A feature of Learn & Master Guitar that I found very helpful was the "you're ready to move on when" sections. One of the most difficult aspects of a “self taught” course is knowing when you’re ready to move on. I was glad to see that Learn & Master Drums includes these "yardsticks" for measuring progress. It is the next best thing to a real instructor. I would also point out that at $200 these courses may sound extravagantly priced, but you have to remember if you pay $10 per 30-minute lesson once a week for a year you have spent around $500. So from that perspective it’s quite a bargain.
There is a wealth of information presented here in a concise program that could otherwise take you years of instruction to accumulate."

— Bob Davis
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other people. I believe that even experienced drummers will learn new methods from Dann and a complete novice will have the benefit of learning how to set a kit up correctly and then be mentored through an in-depth learning program. It was also good to see recommendations for other material to help in the learning process.
To sum up, another great Legacy product, well presented, well planned and probably the best home learning course available."

— Paul, Janet & Jono Weston
Christchurch, New Zealand

"This type of DVD set is a perfect setup for me, since I have variable work hours and could never commit to regular lessons. This type of course allows me to learn at my own pace. One of the things that I REALLY appreciated about the DVDs is that the instructor (Dann) goes into detail about how to set up the drums. This is not something that is intuitive for a complete novice like me.

I would definitely recommend the course to a friend or anyone interested in learning drums. I feel like I made lots of progress just on the first 4 sessions, having never played a drum kit before. I look forward to becoming more proficient!"

— Andrea Weist
Indianapolis, Indiana

"The parts I liked best were the practice routines working with Dann. He gives you plenty of practice opportunities with each part of the drum and takes his time with each demonstration. Giving the student time to play along with him is valuable. For people brand new to drums like myself, the program goes over the components of the drum in detail. In addition, the strengths of other Legacy Learning programs carry over to this program, with excellent production, explanation of terms, and on screen practice sheet music to follow along with Dann. The practice book is again excellent. It covers everything in detail, and gives clear instruction on what to master and when to advance.

Learn and Master Drums is an excellent introduction to playing the drums and will take you all the way to a proficient player. Dann's enthusiasm and passion for teaching drums clearly shows in each session.

I think this is the best drums program available."

— Tobin Brandt
Lavista, Nebraska

"First of all let me say that I didn’t even own a set of drums before I got the course. I wanted to see if anything in the course would inspire me to actually take the plunge and buy some drums. I’m pleased to say that after watching the DVDs I felt I could learn to play the drums and ordered some. I discovered I can play the drums! Starting off with basic beats and concepts really gave me confidence to keep going. The videos were very effective in introducing new concepts, while building on what had gone before. Dann’s easy going, encouraging style draws you in and keeps you going."

— John Hise
Belgium, Wisconsin

"If you want to become a competent drummer, this course is for you. It’s extremely comprehensive and includes 13 DVDs, 5 Jam-Along CDs, a Lesson Book and a Web site for support. Dann Sherrill does an excellent job of teaching in a clear manner. This course will take you from novice to mastery. How fast you get there is up to you, since it is self-paced. You’ll be playing along with real music from lesson number one.

But, you should consider this course even if your primary musical goal is something other than being a drummer. Music writers and producers can benefit, as well. My intention in taking this course was not to become a drummer, although I look forward to gaining some level of competence. I’m a songwriter looking forward to gaining control over the rhythm part of the craft. I’m not satisfied with the rigidity of electronic drums, but up until now, haven’t been able to adequately communicate what I wanted to a live drummer. Now I’ll be able to “talk the language of drums,” show the drummer what I need or (eventually) play it myself. This course also opens up new possibilities for adding more sophisticated rhythms to my songs. It used to be that some of my songs started with lyrics and some with music. I now have a third option. I can start with a beat. I love it!"

— Fred Parker
San Diego, California

"The course is explained in plain and easy-to-understand English. The good thing is that if I don’t understand something, I just rewind and pay more attention to the content. If you know nothing about drums and want to learn to play like a pro, this is the course for you."

— Jose Lopez
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

"I quickly realized how easy it was to follow and understand the drums. I felt that the material was well organized for teaching people who never even sat at a drumkit before. Dann Sherrill really did a good job at baby stepping you through proper technique on all the major components to playing on the kit. I have played enough to realize the importance of good technique and posture especially.

All of the things that I was looking for in a tutorial were addressed in this package, including playing along to songs with other musicians. With the tablature right underneath for your reference, I found it easy to understand and could pick out exactly what was being played. The written music along with the context of playing in a group made this a complete learning experience."

— Andrew George
Stanhope, New Jersey

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