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Designed for Homeschoolers!

We Make Learning Fun!

The Learn & Master Painting Home School Edition is a Complete Painting Curriculum Designed for Home Study. It Contains Our Full Painting Course plus a 56-Page Teacher’s Guide.

Now your students can Learn & Master the keys of Painting …
(And you can too!)

You’ll be able to take your home-school students (and yourself, if you like) through a comprehensive Painting-Learning system, even if you have no painting skills and no previous experience.

“Each lesson of Learn and Master Painting is so informative for my student! If your child wants to learn to oil paint this is the course for you. We’ve watched other artists’ instructional courses on TV and most of them skip over the basics and jump right into difficult painting leaving the student lost and frustrated. But Gayle patiently and thoroughly takes you through every step from arranging your studio to caring for your equipment properly so that you can acquire a skill that you will enjoy for a lifetime.” Dayna M. Franklin, TN

Give Your Students a Lifetime of Painting

Learn & Master paintingThere’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning something new! Painting instruction is a wonderful skill and gift you can give your student. Lifetime benefits have been proven: a new way to express the imagination, a relaxing outlet, an enjoyable way to record and experience the world around you, and maybe even a profession.

You’re now looking at the best, most comprehensive course available for painting instruction in the home. Master artist, Gayle Levée, has designed step-by-step lessons to provide you with a solid, comprehensive foundation for your own artwork. This is not a “mini-course.”

Learn & Master painting

“But I Don’t Paint. Can I Still Teach My Child?”

The home-school parents we talked to let us in on their main concern: ”Can I really teach my child if I don’t know how to paint myself?” The answer is, ”With Learn & Master Painting, you don’t need to.” Professional painter and teacher, Gayle Levée does all the teaching for you. We keep you involved using our 56-page Teacher’s Guide book so you can keep up with your student’s progress as they work through the DVDs.

You’ll never get lost. The Teacher’s Guide walks you through exactly what to ask and expect from your students at each stage. You’ll know what your child should be learning all the way through the curriculum.

From the Instructor, Gayle Levée:

“Once your child understands the painting principles I present in this course, a whole new world will open up to him or her. Your child will be able to enter the workplace armed with this knowledge. Artistic knowledge is used in web design, interior decorating, museums, easel painting, illustration, landscaping, architecture, mural and faux-finishing, laser animation, portraiture, teaching, cartooning, photography, marketing, computer games, fashion, publishing, and many other industries. Much of the work of an artist can be done at home. Artwork is a great home-based business. And if your child chooses a different career, artwork can be a source of comfort and inspiration as an avocation. Artistic understanding will help your child to live better, to make better choices, and to appreciate creation in a new way. He or she will be able to put his ideas on paper and will have another tool for communication. And the discipline of artistic training will strengthen the mind of your child. ”

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Provide Painting Education

Learn & Master Painting

The average cost of a 30-minute painting class can start at around $35 each week. That’s $140 a month—over $1,600 per year! And that’s to take lessons somewhere away from your home, on someone else’s schedule, from someone who may not even be a good teacher. You can avoid the hassle and cost of expensive private lessons—the driving and scheduling—and learn in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost.

“Instructions are clear, precise, and relevant and the steps to a completed painting are small enough for my student to digest and remember. The ease of use, particularly using baby oil to clean brushes, and the wonderful effects created have allowed my child to learn something he never thought he’d be able to do — paint with oils!” Cindy W., Lebanon, TN

Learn & Master Painting

“Gayle holds the learner’s attention through her warm personable approach. Her enthusiasm doesn’t get in the way of the job at hand, to deliver and get across clear concise steps, always emphasizing how to put our own interpretation on the canvas. Once the initial techniques were established, it was great to see that in these lessons my student was already creating paintings to a good standard! This has encouraged me to start learning the art of painting along with my child! I’ll certainly be investing time and effort in something I’ve always wanted to try, revitalizing what school classes discouraged...artistic creativity. Great package for both my student and myself! ” Dan S., Cool Springs, TN

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Learn & Master Painting Homeschool

The DVD's

The twenty DVDs contained in Learn & Master Painting are the heart of this course. You'll learn everything you need to know about oil acrylic painting, from color theory to brushstrokes to perspective. We've captured all the hard-to-see instruction when taking art classes, like mixing the paint on the palette and painting the fine details on the canvas, so you won't miss a minute of instruction. And because it's from Legacy Learning Systems, you know the instruction quality is of the highest quality.

Learn & Master Painting Homeschool

Topics Covered

Learn & Master Painting covers the various aspects and techniques of learning to paint. The lessons in this course apply to oils, acrylics and water-mixable oils. There’s no way we could list everything, but here are some of things you will learn—and master!

Learn & Master Painting Homeschool

Styles Covered

In most painting classes and online lessons, you'll have to pick and choose the techniques and styles offered to you. Not with Learn & Master Painting. Here are a few of the techniques and styles you'll learn and master throughout the course.

Learn & Master Painting Homeschool

More Advanced Painters

If you’ve been painting for a few years or more, chances are you've learned by picking things up here and there on your own. You may have taken a few lessons. You may have read a few books or watched a few videos.  You know it’s time to explore art even further, but you're not sure how. Learn & Master Painting is your answer.

Learn & Master Painting Homeschool


"I've previously purchased your guitar, piano, and drums courses and have enjoyed each one immensely. (I finished the piano one earlier this week!) Your instructors are all brilliantly chosen, and they are each clearly passionate about their chosen instrument (or paintbrush!), which cannot but carry over into their teaching."

— Simon Schwab
London, England, UK

Learn & Master Painting Homeschool


About the Course

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