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If you’ve been painting for a few years or more, chances are you've learned by picking things up here and there on your own. You may have taken a few lessons. You may have read a few books or watched a few videos. You may or may not have learned fundamental painting skills. You've enjoyed experimenting creating works of art, but now you're ready to expand your creativity and confidence in front of the easel. You know it’s time to explore art even further, but you're not sure how. Learn & Master Painting is your answer.



You will:

  • Learn how to make your paintings look realistic and believable.
  • Learn how to fill your art with light and color, choosing colors to communicate your theme.
  • Learn how to set up your studio and how to care for your materials.
  • Learn brushwork techniques to help your paintings come alive.
  • Learn how artists have developed the composition of their paintings for centuries—and how you should develop your compositions too.
  • Learn how to draw objects in perspective, and learn how to get the illusion of depth and distance in a painting.
  • Learn the best times to use photographic reference.
  • Study the techniques artists have used to make their paintings compelling to the viewer.

The biggest advantage to learning with Learn & Master Painting is everything you need to know to become an accomplished artist is laid out in one course ... step-by-step, start to finish. There's no need to search for training materials while trying to piece together your own art class.

Isn't it time to start painting and sharing your artwork?

Invest in yourself. Invest in your art. Imagine, in less than a year you can go from where you are now to an advanced artist, painting and exploring the world around you. All you need to provide is the materials and the practice time. Everything else you need is right here!

About the Course

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