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About Learn & Master Painting

Learn & Master Painting is a full-featured DVD-based oil painting course that starts at the beginning and builds to a master level of artistic skill.   With the Learn & Master system, you get a true multi-modal learning experience (reading, listening, watching, and doing).    This is no “paint this one picture” approach, but takes world-class painting instruction to a more comprehensive level using multimedia training presented by expert painting teacher, Gayle Levee’.  This course is designed for those who want serious instruction, learning the principles of composition, perspective, color theory, and technique.  With L&M Painting you enjoy learning in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule.  We believe that learning should be fun rather than intimidating, and yet with a systematic scope.   You’ll love Gayle’s “lead you by the hand” approach in Learn & Master Painting.

Our Mission: Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach

Since most of us have that something we've always wanted to learn--to paint, or dance, or play an instrument--.  These are personal dreams we hold dear, but as time passes and life gets in the way, these dreams can sometimes slip farther and farther out of reach. Formal schooling is often out of the question for busy adults.  Private lessons are pricey and inconvenient.   So how do we re-kindle these dreams and make them come true?  That is the mission of Legacy Learning Systems:  To make difficult skills accessible through multimedia self-education courses and bring personal dreams within reach.

What Should You Expect from Your Learn & Master Painting Course?

First, Everything is in One Place--With L&M Painting, your lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression with everything you need in one place. No need to buy countless training videos from a patchwork of sources.

The Course is Comprehensive--Though this course is designed for beginners, it will take you far beyond the basics of the typical instructional video.  We get you started quickly, but your lessons will take you as far along the path to mastery as you choose to go.  You won't find a more comprehensive multimedia training course for oil painting anywhere!

Support Along the Way--Perhaps most important, you won't have to learn alone. Our online support community is an integral part of the learning process and is free for all of our students.  Instructor Gayle Levee’ is on the Discussion Boards almost every day and will be there for you when you have questions or need encouragement.  Students who participate in this community are able to discuss their progress, post their works, and communicate with other students as much they wish. Our job is not finished when you buy our course. It is done when you have reached your dream of learning to paint.


About the Course

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