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Legacy Learning Systems Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the Legacy Learning Systems affiliate program. We are looking forward to working with you!

Our affiliates earn 20% commission on every sale that you refer to us! We offer the most complete video-based learning courses for a variety of skills. Our award-winning Learn & MasterĀ® line of course include guitar, drums, piano, ballroom dance, painting and photography. We also have three "Spotlight" courses that compliment our popular Gibson's Learn & MasterĀ® Guitar course, Guitar Setup & Maintenance, Blues Guitar, and Fingerstyle Guitar.

Our mission is "Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach." This applies to those people who purchase our products and learn a skill that they have dreamed about their entire lives as well as our affiliates. We want to bring YOUR personal dreams within reach!

Program Highlights

  • 20% base commission rate
  • $43 Average commission per sale
  • LIFETIME tracking cookie
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • Pay Per Call tracking - Learn More
  • Frequent sales and promotions
  • Clean, quality program with the highest reputation
  • Special incentives for top performers
  • Our program maintains highest standards in the affiliate industry

Affiliates and Affiliate Industry Leaders Say:

"You guys have been fantastic to work with over the past 4 years. Thanks so much and I look forward to the next 4."
"I'm pretty impressed at the level you guys help us out. Other such programs never email...or offer advice."
"As an affiliate of Learn and Master, I admire them because they are always on top of helping their affiliates..."
"You provide an amazing service to your affiliates. I haven't see this sort of sincerity anywhere else."
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Learn & Master Courses

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar
Learn & Master Blues Guitar
Learn & Master Fingerstyle Guitar
Learn & Master Guitar Set-Up and Maintenance
Learn & Master Piano
Learn & Master Drums
Learn & Master Ballroom Dance
Learn & Master Photography
Learn & Master Painting

Learn & Master Home School Series

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar - Home School Edition
Learn & Master Piano - Home School Edition
Learn & Master Painting - Home School Edition


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