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The DVDs

The core of the Learn & Master Drums is its video instruction. In the thirteen fully produced DVDs are dozens of lessons, each packed with instruction designed to guide you from the very beginning of setting up the drumkit all the way to mastery of the drums.

Each of the lessons contains an instructional portion where drummer and percussionist Dann Sherrill teaches you the lesson’s concepts in detail. The on-screen graphics make it easy to follow along.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out these screenshots and see for yourself the professional quality of the production.

Easy-to-use Menus

DVD screenshot

On-screen music helps you play along

DVD screenshotDVD screenshot

Foot and overhead shots help you see clearly

DVD screenshotDVD screenshot

Clear instruction on important topics

DVD screenshot

Professional musicians, like Grammy-Winner Will Barrow, join in to entertain and teach

DVD screenshot


About the Course

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