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Styles Covered

One of the first things people want to know is “What style of drums will I learn to play?” And we would expect that question. It's only natural that you'd be most interested in playing what you like. It helps you to maintain interest in learning and improving. And unlike most drums courses, Learn & Master Drums offers training in all of the most popular styles. You can study every one or just the ones that interest you most.

You'll learn . . .


Classic Rock grooves and fills will allow you to play with any band.


Learn to create the characteristic sounds of the latest contemporary songs you hear on the radio every day.


Learn the blues riffs that you can incorporate into your own playing. You'll cover the full blues landscape from New Orleans to Memphis to St. Louis.


Dann offers valuable insight to the voicings, accompanying, and improvising that are the heart of jazz drums.


Learn how to play a fiery montuno rhythm or a cool bossa groove to give your playing some Latin spice.


Hey mon, do you want to learn to jam reggae style? Dann covers this style as well.

And most important . . .

Your Own Style

With Learn & Master Drums, you won't just be learning different types of playing the drums. You will be learning to play with style—both style in general and a style all your own. The point is learning to move beyond just playing the right notes at the right time and to begin really communicating something when you play. As you progress through the Learn & Master Drums program, you will learn to discover your style, develop it, and use it.

Once you really start playing the drums, you won't just want people to hear your music. You'll begin to want them to feel your music. The style training in Learn & Master Drums makes that possible.

So what do you want to play? Learn and Master Drums is your ticket to a whole world of stylistic drumming.

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