Learn & Master
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Topics Covered

Learn and Master Drums covers everything from the very basics to the most advanced techniques. There's no way we could list everything, but here are a few of the things you will learn and master!

  • Setting Up the Drum Kit
  • Good Practice Habits
  • Drum Technique
  • Playing the Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Within the First Two Sessions
  • Reading Music
  • Tips to Drum Soloing
  • Vital Musical Concepts
  • Tips of the Pros
  • Rock Drum Playing
  • Pop Drum Playing
  • Latin Drum Playing
  • Swing Drum Playing
  • Rudiments
  • Reggae Drum Playing
  • Funk Drum Playing
  • Jazz Drum Playing
  • Improvising
  • Classic Drum Concepts
  • Improving Time
  • Moeller Technique
  • Playing a Shuffle
  • Double Bass Drumming
  • Playing with Brushes
  • Soloing
  • Drum Fills
  • Classic Beats of Famous Rock Songs

And, of course, you'll learn all of these things while playing familiar beats to some of the most classic and recognizable songs of all time.

About the Course

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