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Play-Along CDs

Most students quickly discover that the Play-Along CDs are their favorite part of the Learn & Master Drums course. These CDs allow you to practice your songs with an actual band—made with professional musicians in a studio. They’re designed to help you learn to accompany the band from the outset of your lessons!

Thanks to the Play-Along CDs, you’ll LOVE your practice times. They also make playing for your friends and family a whole lot more impressive. It’ll be hard to believe how quickly you sound like a pro!

Additionally, the 70 tracks included in the Play-Along CDs are mixed both with and without the drum part. These tracks allow you to play along with Dann when you first learn the skill, and then solo with the band whenever you're ready.

With over 70 tracks to play along with, we obviously can't list them all. Here are a few sample teasers of what’s included in the course. As you listen, imagine yourself playing the drums parts. With Learn & Master Drums, you soon will be!

Beginner Songs

These are some of the very first songs you'll learn. Your Play-Along CDs will have a full version and a version minus drums of all of these songs. Playing with these songs is a great way to start developing your chops!

  • Rock n' Mo
  • Stay With Me
  • J.B. Machine

Intermediate Songs

When you have a few weeks of practice under your belt, you start playing along with more popular favorites. Here are a few examples.

  • Rock My World
  • Slow Blues
  • Do You Know Jack
  • I Don't Want to Know
  • Bull's Bash

And many more ... 70 in all!

Remember, these clips represent just a tiny sampling of all the great music included in Learn & Master Drums. Your Play-Along CDs contain each and every song covered in this course — 70 in all!


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