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Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition Styles

"What style of guitar will I learn to play?"

We all have our favorite styles of music, so it is only natural that you would want to learn to play what you like. Unlike most guitar training DVDs, Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition is comprehensive. This amazing course offers advanced training in all the most popular styles. Each technique has something to offer a guitar player. You can learn them all or just the ones that interest you most.

You will learn these Guitar Styles. . .

Acoustic Guitar

We start you off where most guitar courses leave you: acoustic guitar. Since this requires the least technical preparations, this is where we begin. Whether you are singing at home, church, or around a campfire, there is no better way to provide accompaniment than the acoustic guitar. It is totally portable, with nothing to plug in, and it sounds great playing almost any style of music.

Electric & Rock Guitar

The electric guitar uses all the techniques that you learn on acoustic guitar, so nothing is lost. But because of the electronics involved, the sheer variety of sounds is multiplied with an electric guitar. Aside from the obvious louder volumes, there are endless tonal variations provided by the electronics of the guitar, pedals and amps that are available. Several styles have come to be known with electric guitar, including, Blues, Jazz, Rock and most Pop/Country music.

The electric guitar brings some new techniques for a learning guitarist: Power chords, power riffs, pedal effects, distortion and more. You will learn all the techniques that interest you. From hammer-ons and pull-offs to advanced bends and the Eddie Van Halen Technique, all the most popular electric guitar skills are taught in Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition. You will have a blast and your friends will be blown away by the things you'll play with your Jam-Along CDs!

Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar

From the fun and upbeat Merle Travis Technique to the soft beauty of classical guitar, you will learn the secrets of great fingerstyle guitar. These techniques are used on both acoustic and electric guitar, so they are very versatile and useful.

Blues Guitar

There is nothing quite like the power of a tasty blues solo. With Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition, you will learn the blues notes, the blues chord progressions, how it all works with minor pentatonic scales and how to build a great blues solo from the ground up. We even have a Blues Guitar Spotlight just for learning more about this style.

Jazz Guitar

Do you love jazz guitar? We've got you covered. Steve Krenz got his start in jazz music, so he teaches it with skill. He teaches not only the popular jazz chords and chord progressions, but also how to "jazz up" the regular chord progressions you already know.

Country Guitar & Chicken Picken'

Country music players adopted the electric guitar early and have since created a truly unique sound for use in country playing. We teach you all these techniques, from Country Bends to the secrets of fast and fun Chicken Pickin'.

R&B and Funk Guitar

Playing great Funk and R&B is all about muting techniques and how to use them with rhythm and style. It is not too hard to learn and a lot of fun to play. Knowing a few good Funk techniques will also add a lot to your soloing skills even when playing in other styles.

And most important . . .

Your Own Style

With Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition, you will not just be learning all the different styles of guitar. You will be learning to play with style, which means building a style of your own. You will learn how to make beautiful chord substitutions on the fly, how to give a zest to your strumming, how to blend different styles together and a whole lot more. The point is to move beyond just playing the right notes at the right time, and to begin to communicate when you play. As you go through the Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar program, you will learn to discover your own style, develop it and use it.

Once you really start playing guitar, you will want people to hear and to really feel your music. The style training in Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Home School Edition will make that possible.

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