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Learn & Master Blues Guitar
Jam-Along DVD and CD

The Jam-Along DVD & CD just might be the most helpful and fun part of the course. These tools allow you to practice your songs with an actual band. And we're not talking about cheesy loops and generic sounding computer tracks here. These recordings were made with professional musicians in a real studio and are designed to help you play the blues—right from the start!

Thanks to the Jam-Along CD, you are going to LOVE your practice times. They also make playing for your friends and family a whole lot more impressive. No one will believe how quickly you're starting to sound like a pro!

What's more, the 22 tracks included in the Jam-Along DVD & CD are specifically designed to give you a variety of blues playing experiences. Songs are in various keys, numerous styles, and tempos that range from slow and easy to advanced and blazing with plenty in between.

Practice your blues soloing, rehearse your newly learned blues licks, or learn the song as is. Music is shown on-screen and the book includes detailed playing instructions, music with music notation, guitar tablature, and suggested chord forms to use.

Practicing with the band as accompaniment is an excellent way to improve and sounds even more impressive when playing for friends.

Jam-Along Band

In addition to our own Steve Krenz, the author of Learn & Master Guitar, and your personal instructor., check out who else you'll be jamming with!

Dino pastin blues guitar bandDino Pastin:
Keyboard player for Alabama, Barbara Mandrell, Gladys Knight, CeCe Winans.


Chris tyrrell blues guitar bandChris Tyrrell:
Drummer for Tim McGraw and Love and Theft.


Tony marvelli blues guitar bandTony Marvelli:
Bass player Andre Crouch, American Idol Mandisa, Point of Grace, Mark Schultz, & Denver & the Mile High Orchestra


The Jam-Along DVD & CD have 8 fully produced tracks by this stellar band of veteran Nashville studio musicians and 14 bonus blues tracks for you to play along with. Here are some sample clips just to give you a taste. As you listen, imagine yourself playing the guitar parts. With this course you soon will be!

Slow Burn
50's Boogie Woogie
12-Bar Brawl
12/8 Blues
Slide On Over

Remember, these clips represent just a tiny sampling of all the great music included with the course. Your Jam-Along DVD & CD contain each and every song covered in this course--all to turn you into a great blues guitar player!

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