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Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Jam-Along CDs

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Jam-Along CDs

Guitar Jam Along BandMost students quickly discover that the Jam-Along CDs are their favorite part of Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar. These CDs allow you to practice your songs with an actual band. And we're not talking about cheesy loops and generic sounding computer tracks here. These recordings were made with professional musicians in a real studio and are designed to help you make beautiful music—right from the start!

Thanks to the Jam-Along CDs, you are going to LOVE your practice times. They also make playing for your friends and family a whole lot more impressive. No one will believe how quickly you're starting to sound like a pro!

All of the Jam-Along songs are featured in the Lesson Book so that you can follow along with the music. Many of them are featured in the DVD workshops so that you can learn directly from Steve how to play each song.

What's more, the nearly 100 tracks included in the Jam-Along CDs are mixed in such a way that you can turn down the volume of the recorded guitar part simply by adjusting the balance on your stereo. This allows you to solo with the band as accompaniment, which is an excellent way to improve, and sounds even more impressive when playing for friends.

You'll also notice that, in the early part of the course, the Jam-Along tracks play at different speeds (slow, medium, and fast) so that you can gradually pick up your pace as you improve. You won't need this later on, but it's incredibly helpful when you're first starting out.

Beginner Guitar Songs

These clips are from the first three songs you'll learn. Your Jam-Along CDs will have "slow" and "medium" and "fast" versions of all of these. They may not be that exciting, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Your First Song - Ode to Joy (Slow)
Jingle Bells (Fast)

Songs You Know 

Once you have a few more weeks of practice, you'll be able to begin playing along with some more popular favorites. Here are a few examples.

House of the Rising Sun
ZZ Shuffle

Various Musical Styles 

There are also many tracks designed to help you practice different styles and genres. These tracks, like all the others, are mixed so that you can turn the guitar part all the way down simply by adjusting the balance on your stereo. Then you'll be Jamming Along solo style!

Power Chord Rock (Rock Practice)
Johnny's E Blues: (Blues Practice)

Remember, these clips represent just a tiny sampling of all the great music included with Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar. Your Jam-Along CDs contain each and every song covered in this course — nearly one hundred tracks in all!

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Jam-Along Band

In addition to our own Steve Krenz, check out who else you'll be jamming with!

  • Dino Pastin: Keyboard player for Alabama and Barbara Mandrell.
  • Javier Solis: Drummer and percussionist for Usher, Kenny Loggins, Faith Hill, Jaci Velasquez, and many others.
  • Abel Orta: Bass player for Jaci Velasquez and Promise Keepers, and a major Nashville session player.

The Jam-Along CDs have nearly 100 tracks for you to play along with. We obviously can't list them all, but here are some sample clips just to give you a taste. As you listen, imagine yourself playing the guitar parts. With Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar, you soon will be!

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