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Beginner Guitar Players

If you are an absolute beginner guitar player, Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is designed so you can start at the very beginning and progress from there to each next new skill easily. You will feel comfortable with your guitar and your new-found ability before moving forward to more advanced levels.

Our instructor, Steve makes no assumptions from the very beginning of the course. In Session 1, "Starting Off Right," he introduces you to the instrument and begins the process of building your knowledge and confidence. By the end of that session, you'll be well-prepared for the journey you are about to embark upon.


You will start off learning some basic terms and concepts:

  • The Parts of the Guitar.
  • The Names of the Strings
  • Proper Right & Left Hand Technique.
  • How to Tune your Guitar both with an Electronic Tuner and by Ear.
  • How to Read Guitar Tablature
  • How to Read Chord Blocks
  • Finger Exercises to build up dexterity in your Hands
  • In Session 2 you will learn to Read Music

Steve wants to make sure you have a solid foundation and are comfortable with your guitar and the terminology. If you are just picking up the guitar for the first time, or have had no real instruction to this point, this is going to be critical in your success. For those who have some knowledge of the instrument and perhaps a little professional training, these fundamental concepts may be too elementary, but we encourage you to watch it so you can get familiar with Steve and his teaching methods.

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About the Course

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