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I just did it - and I don't regret it

"I started playing guitar in March 2012. After talking the talk for years (OK, fine - decades), I decided to just buy a guitar and get to it. Once I learned some basic chords, I went on YouTube to learn some songs. And that's when I realized that, although I can strum a few songs, this method of learning wasn't going to take me very far - and definately wasn't going to help me when I wanted to learn a specific song - because if there was no video for it, I wasn't going to learn it I had a basic knowledge of how to read music from years ago (OK, fine - decades) when I took some music classes, but no idea how to relate that to the guitar. It did not take long for boredom and frustration to set in... 

Then I was introduced to L&M by my brother (he's on here somewhere...). I am so inspired to know that, in time, I will have a true understanding of WHAT I am playing and will be able to pick up any song of my choosing and make it my own (or just create my very own!). In addition, I love that, with this course, I am being taught proper techniques, and so much more than just basic chord structure, that I know will help me become a better player in the long run. I just started the course a couple weeks ago and already see improvement! 

And on that note - it's time for me to go practice "
suntrek77, New Hampshire (Read full post on our student support forum)

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