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Learn & Master Piano - Home School Edition Benefits:

  • Stop paying for private lessons! (This 2-year course would cost you $3000+ in private piano lessons ... not to mention 100's of hours of driving time!).
  • Purchase once, use for a lifetime — one program for all of your students.
  • Appropriate for both children and adults. (Many homeschooling parents are using this course to learn piano with their children!)
  • Start at your own level and go from there. (From beginner or intermediate to advanced mastery.)
  • You will develop ear-training skills so you can listen to a melody and immediately play it.
  • The exercises build "muscle memory" so your fingers will do what you want them to do without always having to look at the keyboard.
  • With this course, you become a very versatile pianist, comfortable playing many different styles.
  • You'll learn all the Major and Minor scales and "Pretty Chords" with our simple, step-by-step approach.
  • Master "upside down chords" so you'll be able to recognize where you are on the keyboard in any key.
  • High quality videos, clear illustrations, and easy-to-follow instructions take you through this systematic learning course!
  • Learn chord voicings used by the pros to create the sounds you hear on the radio every day.

What Do You Get With This Curriculum and Course?

  • 28 Piano Sessions on 20 DVDs - Over 2 years worth of scope-and-sequenced material.
  • 100+ pages of Workbook training and explanatory notes.
  • 68 page Teacher Guide to prepare you for your child's learning sessions.
  • Teacher Resource DVD to literally "talk you through" the lesson plans.
  • 28 Video Demonstrations to "teach" the material, which is followed by ...
  • 28 Workshop Videos – where the student is guided through matching practice sessions!
  • Reproducible Weekly Practice Logs so your student always knows what's expected.
  • Progress Chart - to track and evaluate the student's progress in each skill and technique.
  • Speed Sequences - to track and push picking speed.
  • Finger Workouts - to build dexterity and intuitive playing.
  • Essential Chords – start slow, and then build on!
  • Free Play-Along CD Tracks – a FUN way to practice all the new skills
  • Free Email Support
  • Free Membership Support


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