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"The course is outstanding. I have tried and tried, but I cannot come up with a single way you could improve this course, other than to offer a Learn & Master Piano Part II! Will is an awesome teacher—he is easy to understand and he hits on so many important elements of learning to play the piano while also making it a lot of fun! I was thrilled to see Suzy Bogguss singing "Someone to Watch Over Me" as I personally am a huge fan! It is evident how much time and attention to detail went into producing this course, and how much Will's students' needs are considered, and I for one am very impressed! I also love how so many genres of music are incorporated into the course. I personally love all genres, and this makes it especially fun and inspiring for me. Congratulations on a job well done!"

— Heather Jo Woodward
Nampa, ID

"Learn & Master Piano contains much more information than other courses by going beyond just learning how to play chords, teaching the student to play the right and left hands independently with reading notes, chords, and rhythms. Also, what elevates this course is the addition of basic music theory and ear training. Learn & Master Piano is exceptional when it comes to learning to play and contains everything a student needs to know to become proficient! Learn & Master Piano is THE course to own!"

— Cindy Johnson
Levittown, PA

"This is an amazing course... a worthy successor to Learn & Master Guitar. The instruction is extremely thorough, the pace of advancement is very manageable, and the later lessons indicate you will develop quite sophisticated skills if you follow all the way through. The production quality is superior to even Learn & Master Guitar, which I had already thought was very well produced. If this is going to be priced similarly to Learn & Master Guitar, it will be a screaming deal!"

— David Owen
Dallas, TX

"My name is MacKenzie. I’m a thirteen year old girl from Rhode Island. My father bought me the Legacy Learning System, Learn and Master Piano after my sister started taking piano but I liked it more than she did. Here’s what I think:

I like how you learn a lot and can choose your own pace for the lessons. I enjoy how I can sit down whenever I want and am not obligated to attend any regular lessons. I also appreciate that I can pause the program and take a break or have a snack in the middle of the lesson and come back later when if I’m with a teacher I cannot. I have not yet tried any other methods of home-schooling piano,but from what I have experienced, I hope to continue these lessons."

— MacKenzie Langlais, Home-school Student
Mapleville, RI

"This course is another sure fire winner. Will Barrow seems to answer your questions just as questions pop into your head. I though that Steve was the master of that approach, on Learn & Master Guitar, but Will also has it in his piano lessons. I know that Legacy offers a no quibble money back guarantee, but to be quite frank, such an offer is pretty much a waste of time, since no one could possibly need it!"

— Peter King
Oxon, UK

"My wife and I both agreed that beginning Learn & Master Piano was very exciting, (much like I felt when I began your guitar course). As soon as we began working through the sessions, we felt very encouraged. Learn & Master Piano jumps right in and gets you on the keyboard. By the end of the first session, we already felt like we had a handle on how the keyboard is laid out.

We both thought the pace of the sessions was great. They move along enough to keep you engaged, but not so much that you feel lost. The music theory that you need to understand the piano is worked into the course, at the appropriate time and rate, so that you learn it by applying it, and it never seems overwhelming.

The feeling we got was encouraging and empowering. Especially for beginners, a little bit of confidence goes a long way!

— Jim Ruff
Ridgefield Park, NJ

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