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Greg Voros, Learn & Master Guitar
Setup & Maintenance Instructor

Greg voros

A Master Guitar Tech at world famous Gruhn Guitars — Greg began work at Gruhn Guitars in 2005. He came to Nashville from New York with a lengthy background in repair and setup of a broad range of electric and acoustic instruments. He also has extensive experience in customer service and fine-tuning instruments to personal taste. He does guitar tech work for some of Nashville's most famous guitarists.

Outside of work, Greg enjoys time with his wife, Jo, and their new baby daughter, Isabella.

Here’s what George Gruhn has to say about Greg:

"Greg makes it possible for me to deal in vintage instruments. I choose the instruments knowing that I will end up with a very good instrument because of the craftsmen in repair. Without Greg’s work I would not have instruments in saleable condition. Without repairmen like Greg, my business is dead. I can’t function without them. It may take me five minutes to an hour to buy an instrument that may need 50 or even 100 hours to restore. My repairmen, like Greg, have to be very skilled."


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