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Praise for Learn & Master Painting

"I've previously purchased your guitar, piano, and drums courses and have enjoyed each one immensely. (I finished the piano one earlier this week!) Your instructors are all brilliantly chosen, and they are each clearly passionate about their chosen instrument (or paintbrush!), which cannot but carry over into their teaching."

— Simon Schwab
London, England, UK

"It's true what your motto says,..."making personal dreams come true". I am so pleased with Gayle Levee as instructor in Learn & Master Painting. I began very slowly about one month ago and am only on lesson 5, but already visualize myself painting sceneries on my own. I haven't had any previous training at all, and though I've had a desire to paint, I've wondered even with lessons if I actually could. Well, I am definitely on my way. I was so please with my first forest that I actually clapped at my work!. Thanks Legacy for a wonderful course ...and making a dream with reach."

— Linda Smith

"Painting is always something I wanted to do. I was concerned, however, how I would fare with a DVD-based learning course because there is no interaction between the teacher and myself-or so I thought.

From the start, Learn & Master Painting has greatly impressed me. Gayle is marvelous and explains everything clearly and concisely. She breaks everything down so simply that I had no problem following her. I found that there is plenty of time for me to follow instructions without having to lag behind.

All through the series I've seen how it has been planned methodically and I really liked how it is broken down into stages and steps which I have to master before moving on to the next stage. I'm glad I spent so long getting to know how my studio should be laid out and how to create my palette and the different consistencies of paint first.

I especially enjoyed learning all of the Brushwork Techniques. The instructions were really clear and ample practice time was given during the session. I also liked the way I've been encouraged to experiment and find my own unique style of painting. This course has given me the fundamentals necessary to start, perfect, and complete my own painting.

I would definitely recommend this course to any of my friends interested in developing their creativity. Learn and Master Painting is a stress free, relaxing experience to be truly enjoyed by everyone who goes through the course, and it is competently run by an excellent instructor. I couldn't have asked for a better painting course to suit me and I've found the whole experience a truly enjoyable one!"

— Nechoma Schwab
London, England, UK

"Like the other courses from Legacy the thought, time, and effort put in to the content and delivery of Learn and Master Painting is of a very high standard. From the introduction through to the thought processes, reasoning, anecdotes, and practical implementation of the lessons is relaxed, friendly, confident, and extremely competent.

Gayle holds the learner's attention through her warm personable approach. Her enthusiasm doesn't get in the way of the job at hand, to deliver and get across clear concise steps, always emphasizing how we will put our own interpretation on the canvas.

Once the initial techniques were established, it was great to see that in these eight lessons we are already creating paintings to a good standard. This for me is how to start learning the art of painting. I'll certainly be investing time and effort in something I've always wanted to try, revitalizing what school classes discouraged...artistic creativity. Great package! Now where did I leave that Medium?"

— Alan Peden
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

"The format is excellent and remains consistent throughout the course. Gayle speaks slowly and clearly and is quite pleasant to listen to. Her style really grew on me as I progressed through the DVDs and I'm looking forward to continuing with her in any future programs.

But, most important, the information was clear and concise and much of the information was repeated in all the lessons. And I appreciated her attitude toward the students, giving them encouragement to be their own "artist." Perhaps what I was most impressed with were the close-up shots of Gayle applying and mixing the paint on the easel and then applying the paint on the canvas. In a classroom setting, it is not usually possible to have such a clear view of these activities, or to hit reverse to go back and listen or see again what was just discussed or demonstrated.

I would describe the course as a great way to learn oil painting with excellent instruction and allowing for your own pace."

— Patricia Railton
Hood River, OR

"Thank you for opening a new world to me through Learn & Master Painting. I had always thought that one was either an artist or not. I wanted to paint, but never thought it was possible because I don't feel that I have an artistic bone in my body. I now realize that I was missing the technique that would get me to the point where I could use my own artistic expression. I do not have any type of artistic background, but I have always wanted to paint. I am very analytical, total left brained. I never thought I could paint. But, Gayle provides easy step-by-step instructions. Wow, I can paint! I have to say that Gayle is very endearing. She seems very genuine and down to earth. I don't feel she's talking down to me and I feel like she really cares about my success. If I were to take an in-person art class, Gayle is the instructor I would want to have."

— Dan D.
Tracy, CA

"Instructions are clear, precise, and relevant and the steps to a completed painting are small enough to remember. The ease of use, particularly using baby oil to clean brushes, and the wonderful effects created have made me want to do something I NEVER thought I would want to do-paint with oils."

— Doreen Davis
London, England, UK

"I've been trying to paint with oils off and on for sixty years. The first few lessons of this course told me exactly what I've been doing wrong. After all those years, I'm finally going to learn to paint. I've already recommended Learn & Master Painting to friends without seeing the rest of the DVDs."

— Elsie Bolack
Lake Placid, FL

"I think the selection of the instructor was a great one. She is obviously very talented and a good instructor as well. I really enjoyed the prelude in each DVD where we saw her doing a landscape in fast time. There was a lot of technique and ideas portrayed in that continuing segment.

I would highly recommend Learn & Master Painting and the whole LLS series to anyone who wants to do some real learning on their own. I plan/hope to even do the piano course as well as the painting and the guitar course and I look forward to seeing what other products LLS comes out with."

— Eric Lundquist
Norwalk, CT

"This is a course that will give you a foundation in oil painting. It shows you how to get started from setting up your painting area, buying supplies, working with the paints and how to make brush strokes. You will soon be painting still life, understanding composition, lighting, toning, and the use of colors."

— Steve Valdeck
Littleton, CO

"Gayle is a gem! As a complete beginner, I now feel I have the basics to achieve my goals as an artist. She is thorough and does an excellent job explaining the basics yet still reveals the secrets of achieving the skill of an advanced painter. I will be going through Learn & Master Painting more than once! There is so much here to learn and she is the perfect teacher."

— Melanie Cryar
Nashville, TN

"I didn't really have a favorite lesson. There was always some technique or secret to be learned from every lesson, whether it was how to arrange the paints on the palette or how to get the green apple color from mixing yellow and black. Each lesson was my favorite!

If you want to learn to oil paint this is the course for you. We've watched other artists' instructional courses on TV and most of them skip over the basics and jump right into difficult painting leaving the student lost and frustrated. But Gayle patiently and thoroughly takes you through every step from arranging your studio to caring for your equipment properly so that you can acquire a skill that you will enjoy for a lifetime."

— Martina Davis
Broken Arrow, OK

"Some things I really enjoyed about the course were actually finding out the parts of the brush, learning how to organize a palette, and learning how to use my arm and shoulder to make brushstrokes. (I've always done this, but never realized I did, which explains why I've always had the ability to paint, but never seemed to be able to draw… different motions completely!)

I also really enjoyed how Gayle painted the evergreen picture in lesson 5 working mostly with the negative space. This last statement also proves her point that you need to step back and look at the work from a distance, something my high school art teacher always used to stress."

— Rebecca George
Stanhope, NJ

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