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Dance-Along CDs

This is where the fun starts! Once you've begun to learn the dances on the DVDs, you will soon find yourself wanting to dance more and more. The six dance-along CDs included in the course contain all the music on the DVDs, plus a whole lot more. The music is designed to fit the dances you'll be learning, so no more endless searching for appropriate music to dance to.

The Dance tracks are also recorded at gradually increasing tempos to fit the skill level of beginner and intermediate dancers. And with six full CDs of music, you will have plenty of music to practice what you've learned on the DVDs until you're confident and comfortable on the dance floor.

Private dance lessons range from 50-90 dollars each, but you’ll never pay that much with Learn & Master Ballroom Dance. You’ll have the benefit of a private instructor in the comfort of your home. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or shy about how you dance. You can decide when you’re ready to show off your extraordinary dance moves.

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