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If you've been taking pictures for a few years or more, you may have learned by picking things up here and there on your own. Maybe you've read a few books or watched some videos.  But there still may be some of the most basic techniques missing  from what you've learned so far.  Even if you've enjoyed the experience of creating good photos, you may now be ready to expand your confidence and versatility behind the camera.  If you know you want to take your images to the next level but you're not sure how. Learn & Master Photography is your answer.



You will:

    •    Learn once and for all how to balance exposure, aperture, and ISO settings.
    •    Learn composition techniques that assure you of finding the fresh angle on your subject
    •    Learn how to set up and light a photo either in the studio or outdoors
    •    Learn to “tell the story” with your camera
    •    Learn the balance between “big picture” and fine detail in all your work
    •    Know how to use each type of lens and for what purpose
    •    Capture real emotional expression (even in pets) to create moving images
    •    Learn techniques like leading space, juxtaposition, contrast, line, shape, and mass
    •    Use the “magic hour” effectively
    •    Snap images with complete confidence in your results
    •    Create dimension and depth that draws people into your pictures

The biggest advantage to learning with Learn & Master Photography is everything you need to become an accomplished photographer is laid out in one course ... step-by-step, start to finish. There's no need to search for training materials while trying to piece together your own instruction.

Isn't it time to start shooting and sharing your photos?

Invest in yourself. Invest in your abilities. A more expensive camera won’t guarantee your pictures are satisfying and impressive… only the right skills can do that.  Imagine, in less than a year you can go from where you are now to an advanced photographer, exploring and capturing the world around you. All you need to provide is the camera and the practice time. Everything else you need is right here!

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