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Steve Krenz' Learn & Master Guitar Monthly Archive

2014 Newsletter Archives

October 2014 - Video: Stacking Overdrive & Distortion, October Student of the Month--Jodi J

August 2014 - Video: "Arkansas Traveler" Flatpicking!, Change Someone's Life With Your Old Guitar

July 2014 - Video: Mastering Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs, 7 Habits of Highly UNsuccessful Guitar Learners

June 2014 - Video: Rhythm Guitar Makeover With Inversions!, June is No Excuses Month, LIVE Lesson: Rory Hoffman!

Newsletter was not published in March!

April 2014 - Video: Tips from the Pros: Pentatonic Magic with Chris Rodriguez, 10 Tips for Soloing, LIVE Lesson: Al Perkins!

Newsletter was not published in March!

February 2014 - Video: What to Remember When Purchasing a Guitar, Temperature, Humidity, and Your Guitar's Happiness, Student of the Month: Mike F.

January 2014 - Video: Boost Your Learning with Loopers!, 30 Minutes to Guitar Success?, LIVE Lesson: Phil Keaggy, Student of the Month: Sylvain A.

2013 Newsletter Archives

Newsletter was not published in December!

November 2013 - Video: Learn a Classic Rock Riff!, 8 No-Nonsense Tips for Learning Guitar, Student of the Month: Hector F.

October 2013 - Video: Power Chords!, 7 Things to Do When You Feel Stuck, LIVE Lesson: Rodrigo Rodriguez, Student of the Month: Ray U.

September 2013 - Video: Next Level Rhythm Guitar Srumming, Practice: The Lab & The Factory, Student of the Month: David R.

August 2013 - Video: Pro Capo Tips, Gruhn's Guitars LIVE Lesson!, Student of the Month: Tom S.

July 2013 - Video: Great Jazz Licks, Learning Jazz Standards, Howard Alden LIVE Lesson!, Student of the Month: Tom M.

June 2013 - Video: Jazz Soloing Using the 3rd & 7th, Which Pick to Pick?, Student of the Month: Greg O.

May 2013 - Video: 30-Minute Practice Routine, John Knowles LIVE Lesson!, First Recording Challenge, Student of the Month: Benjamin R.

April 2013 - Video: Drop-D Blues Magic, Guthrie Trapp LIVE Lesson!, Choosing the Right Electric Guitar, Student of the Month: Perry W.

March 2013 - Video: Learn a Boogie Woogie Riff, Tom Hemby LIVE Lesson!, Don't Stop on that Plateau

February 2013 - Video: Move One Note--Create a Chord, Jack Pearson LIVE Lesson!, Got Your Free Resources?

January 2013 - Video: Build By Breaking (Chords that is), Rick Vito LIVE Lesson!, Thirty Minutes to Becoming a Guitarist, Student Profile: Daniel A.



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