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Monday, November 15, 2010
Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Blog is all about the world's most comprehensive, self-contained, home learning guitar course.   We bring you news and items of interest that relate to all things guitar.  Because our system is fully “multi-modal” (meaning that you learn by reading, listening, watching demonstrations, then following along), this blog takes the same approach!Steve Krenz playing guitar

When we find interesting guitar-related audio, you’ll hear it right here.  When we find cool guitar videos and sample lessons, we’ll be posting them here for the world to see.  And of course, we’ll post engaging guitar articles and pictures here too.  You’ll be able to learn about guitar and keep up with guitar news right on this blog.

The items you find here aren’t just all about the Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar course.  You will also find related news here.   After all, we do believe we’ve created the best guitar course available:  world-class guitar lessons, rich multimedia training, presented by expert instructor, Steve Krenz. We believe that learning should be fun and engaging and this blog will be just that.

Our Goals for the Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Blog?

To Educate Guitarists—With Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar, you follow a step-by-step progression. Part of what you will find on this Blog will relate to that progression.  Are you just beginning?  There’ll be articles for beginners here.  Are you an advanced player?  We’ll be serving up guitar and music articles that fit your situation too.

To Engage You—We want to above all, be interesting!  Few people visit blogs because they like reading dry, academic blocks of words, full of tech facts and figures.  You’ll find tech here and sometimes facts and figures, but only when they are interesting and important to guitar players.

To Be Helpful—Guitar Players find themselves on a constant uphill journey!  Always enjoying music, but always dissatisfied with present levels of skill!  If we get anything, we get that.  You want to improve, you want to grow, you want to build new skills and abilities.  So every time we find something helpful to that growth, we’ll be putting it right here.
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