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Monday, July 15, 2013

 Tom M.City: Decatur, ILForum Username: TomMy Gear:Guitars:Breedlove Pro C25/CRHEpiphone BroadwayVariax 300Amps:Roland AC-33 acoustic ampRoland CubeLine 6 Pod XTFavorite Artists/Bands: Tommy Emmanuel, Adam Rafferty, Frank Vignola and Joscho Stephan are my current favorites.Favorite style of music to play: FingerstyleWhat made you want to play music? Just an overa [...]

July 2013 Student of the Month - Tom M.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Name: Greg O.City: Battle Ground, WAForum Username: gottoMy Gear:Guitars:Martin 000C-16GTETaylor NS32ce nylonFender DG8S acousticYamaha 120 (Nippon Gakki) classicalVariax 69Fender American StandardPRS SE EGPRS Custom 22PRS Hollowbody IISuhr Pro T-1Samba (kit-made)Amps:Roland Cube 60Fender Blues Jr.Line 6 DT 25Marshall JMP1CVox miniPedals:Damage Control DemonizerI [...]

June Student of the Month--Greg O.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Name: KentCity: JelloLandForum Username: KentMy Gear:1980 Jose Ramirez III, Class 1a, Classical GuitarFavorite Artists/Bands: I like everything but 'acid-rock' and 'rap-crap'.Favorite style of music to play: FingerstyleWhat made you want to play music? My soul. I've got the music in me.Previous music experience: I got my first instrument (trumpet), at age 8. I wa [...]

L&M December Student Profile of the Month: JelloManKent

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Name: Bill ApplegateCity: Newport Beach, CAForum Username: appledaddyMy Gear:2007 Martin 000-282010 Fender American Standard Strat 3-Tone Sunburst – Maple Fretboard2009 Catalina ’63 - (This is a little beach guitar. Consider it the “stunt double” for the Martin. It takes all the abuse and I don’t stress about the scratches and dings.I have a borrowed George Denni [...]

L&M Student Profile of the Month: Bill Applegate

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Name: John LeonardCity: Cookstown, IrelandForum Username: jleo legacyMy Gear:Godin SeaGull S6 Folk Cedar +Q1Crafter GAE 648 CD acousticSquire (Fender) Stratocaster standard (Gun metal black)Yamaha 112J electric. (Blue)Stagg C542 (nylon string classical)M-Audio Keystudio (39 key midi keyboard)Hohner Countryman Hobo acoustic (Satin) (Retired)I rarely play through a [...]

L&M Student Profile of the Month: John Leonard

Monday, April 9, 2012

Name: Dan BrownCity: Bradley Beach, NJ near Asbury Park (born and raised Brooklyn, NY)Forum Username: Dan BrownMy Instruments/gear:Epiphone Lt. Ed ES 355, Fender Squier Strat MIM (1991),  Charvel Custom 625C Acoustic Electric, Yamaha FG400A,circa 1958 Harmony Meteor semi hollow body, Harmony LP knock off.  Fender Bullet AmpFavorite Artists/Bands: First and foremo [...]

L&M Guitar Student Profile of the Month: Dan Brown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Name: Daniel B.City: Waterford, WIForum Username: Fabian FledgeMy Instruments/gear:Fender Highway One StratocasterGibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe 60'sYamaha FG700SGodin Kingpin IIFavorite Artists/Bands: Way too many to list… Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, SRV, Clapton, Hendrix.Favorite styles to play: Another loaded question! If you asked me when I star [...]

L&M Guitar Student of the Month: Daniel B. (aka Fabian Fledge)

Monday, February 6, 2012

My City: Lugano, Switzerland as a matter of choice. Forum Username: prz (short from Przygienda, yes, it's 5 consonants one after another, don't ask me how to pronounce it, even in Polish it's tad of a tongue-twister).My Instruments/gear: • Yamaha Classical takes 50% of my time (classical is where the improvementin technique and finesse really is I found and i [...]

Student Profile: Tony Przygienda

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Name: Chuck McCollimGender: MaleMy City: Pensacola, FLForum Username: Chuck McCollimMy Instruments/gear: Fender DG8S, Greg Bennett ST6-1, Taylor K14CE, Seagull M6Favorite Artists/Bands: Glad, Andrea Bocelli, Doyle Dykes, Bluegrass/Gospel/FolkFavorite style(s) to play: Right now, just reading and playing the single notes to a simple song (and folks know what the s [...]

Student Profile: Chuck McCollim

Monday, December 5, 2011

   Name: Michael OverstreetGender: MaleMy City: Lonoke ArkansasForum Username: PercisionMy Instruments/gear:INSTRUMENTS: Right now I have a Vineyard Les Paul copy that has an amazing feeling 60’s slim profile neck to me and it sounds pretty darn good on the neck pickup.  It does have some issues but what can you expect for a guitar that cost me les [...]

Student Profile: Michael Overstreet

Friday, October 28, 2011

    Name: Maria Calfa-DePaul (her website)Gender: FemaleMy City: Suffern, NYForum Username: Sleepingangel My Instruments/gear:Guitars: Ovation Celebrity from 1992, Taylor 314- KCE Fall Limited from 2000, Taylor T5 (which my husband got me after my first gig after having vocal cord surgery) my first Taylor which was a 1999 Mahogany Travel [...]

Student Profile: Maria Calfa-DePaul

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

   NAME: John Everett WellsGENDER: MaleMY CITY: Annapolis, MarylandFORUM USER NAME: JWELLS6407  MY INSTRUMENTS/GEAR: Acoustic guitars: (1.) Taylor 712ce, (2) Taylor GC8, (3) Yamaha FG-Junior Electric guitars: (1) Paul Reed Smith Singlecut McCarty, (2) Custom Telecaster, (3) Squier Stratocaster (upgraded) Acoustic amp: Roland Acoustic Chor [...]

Student Profile: John Wells

Friday, September 2, 2011

Name: Jeff PetersonGender: MaleMy City: Lilburn, GAForum Username: JPAtlantaMy Instruments/gear: Gibson SG (I won in the Live Lesson Giveaway), Jasmine acoustic, Fendor Reverb ampFavorite Artists/Bands: Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, Beatles, America, and I love a CD a friend gave me of a Nashville singer/songwriter named of Mike WillisFavorite style(s) to play: C [...]

Student Profile: Jeff Peterson

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

 Name: Wesley FollGender: MaleMy City: Chandler, AZForum Username: wesfollMy Instruments/gear: My electric is a “ESP LTD EC-1000” (silverburst pattern), and my acoustic is a entry-level guitar made by Mitchell (a “Guitar Center Special” as I like to call them).  My other gear is just a Roland MicroCube hooked into my Line 6 UX-1 hardware interface that conne [...]

Student Profile: Wesley Foll

Friday, July 8, 2011

    My City: Mathews, LouisianaForum Username: JesseMy Instruments/Gear: I have 3 guitars, An Ovation Legend, An Ovation Country Classic, and most important a Fender Strat. USA Hwy 1. Roland Microcube amp. Keyboard. Set of Drums. Mic & small recording equipment. All in a studio behind my house.Favorite Artists/Bands: This would be the local art [...]

Student Profile: Jesse Blanchard

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Name: Doug HerlovitchMy City: Brampton, Ontario, CanadaForum Username: Eracer_TeamMy Instruments/gear:2001 Gibson Les Paul Desert Burst Studio2008 Fender MIA Sienna Burst Strat1992 Vantage LP in Wine2006 Simon & Patrick Cedar Folk CW2009 Fender Jim Adkins Tele in Trans-black2006 Dean Edge4 Bass in Trans-redET-5 EL84  tube amp. ET-10 6L6/EL84 tube amp –coming [...]

Student Profile: Doug H.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last week on May 10, 2011, we had the highest attendance of any Live Lesson yet. Over 300 people were logged in and watching! Johnny Hiland was the special guest and it was apparent that all the viewers just loved it, as well you should since Johnny is only one of the greatest guitarist on the planet! About halfway through the lesson, we paused to pick a name for [...]

Guitar Giveaway Story

Monday, May 9, 2011

Name: John VernacchioGender: MaleMy City: Modesto CaliforniaForum Username: John VMy Instruments/gear: American Special Stratocaster HSS, Seagull SWS and Yamaha 335 Acoustics, Peavey Vyper 75 Modeling AmpFavorite Artists/Bands: Rush, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, all Classic Rock, Metallica, Pantera, Clapton, just about everything Rock and Roll oriented, Blues anythi [...]

Student Profile: John V

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name: Adrien RegimbaldProfile name: ReggieCity: Edmonton, AB, CanadaYour instruments/gear so far:Guitars: Godin Montreal, Phil Pro MSG-650, Traveler Escape EG-1, Yamaha CG-101Amps: Line 6 POD HD500, Fender Mustang III, Roland CM-30 (x2 - for stereo) Recording: Boss BR-800, Zoom H2Favorite artists/bands: Aerosmith, Andrew York, B.B. King, Brad Paisley, Cake, Dere [...]

Student Profile: Reggie

Monday, March 28, 2011

One of the most beneficial resources we have for our students is our Student Support Forum. One of the coolest, most satisfying parts of the Student Support Forum is when our students upload videos of themselves playing guitar. Some of the videos are the students wanting to record their progress through the guitar course; while others are of students learning a s [...]

Student Video Highlights

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our second Student Profile (find Zach & Luke's profile here) will highlight a female guitar student, MickeyOnAcoustic from our Student Support Forum. MickeyOnAcoustic is a novice guitar player, but is working on changing that to an accomplished guitarist and is well on the way. Thanks to the guitar, I’m falling in love with music like never before. That’s sig [...]

Student Profile: MickeyOnAcoustic

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Student Profiles on the blog will enable us to highlight students of ours from our Student Support Forum.  We have litteraly thousands of people going through our course, and this is a great way for us thank them and show their progress.  For this first installation of the Student Profile, we're going to feature two of our youngest students, Zach and Luke, wh [...]

Student Profile: Zach & Luke

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