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L&M December Student Profile of the Month: JelloManKent

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Name: Kent

City: JelloLand

Forum Username: Kent

My Gear:
1980 Jose Ramirez III, Class 1a, Classical Guitar

Favorite Artists/Bands: I like everything but 'acid-rock' and 'rap-crap'.

Favorite style of music to play: Fingerstyle

What made you want to play music? My soul. I've got the music in me.

Previous music experience: I got my first instrument (trumpet), at age 8. I wanted to learn to play drums, but was told to try the trumpet first. My cousin had to change from playing trumpet to trombone, because his lips were getting to large to play trumpet. Therefore, his dad asked if I wanted his old trumpet. A free trumpet, why not, I'll give it a chance. They showed me how to play it and how to read music. Within an hour I was reading music and playing a few simple songs. My other cousin knew how to play the piano and said, "Let's see how fast he picks up playing the piano." She showed me how it was laid out and how to read piano sheet music. My hands were to small, at the time, to make the big chords, but I was able to play some single note songs. She even tough me the upper one note melody of Heart and Soul, that we played together. That was fun.

I didn't have a piano at home to practice on, so the piano playing didn't get any better. Plus I was spending an average of 4 hours a day practicing my trumpet. It was way too much fun to want to stop. I only stopped when my lips got too tired and my arms gave out from holding up that trumpet.

Many hours of practice throughout the years got me better to where I was able to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, to be able to take part in a lot of great moments in providing music for mine and others enjoyment. (i.e. Playing at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Summer Games and meeting John Williams, Playing at the White House for President Ronald Reagan's 1985 Inauguration and met a lot of celebrities.)

If the house was on fire, which instrument would you grab? Why does the house always have to be on fire? If it was, I would dial 911 and get my butt out of there. No guitar is worth more than mine and my families lives.

Favorite place to be when playing guitar: In the Zone and if that doesn't happen, then JELLOLAND, (a.k.a. My Man Cave).

Most delightful musical moment so far: When my aunt (who raised me after both my parents died, my mother when I was 1 and my father when I was 6), came to my dress rehearsal for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Summer Games. She said it was the most spectacular show she had ever seen. I said that all those hours of practice over the years made it worth while just to hear those words and see the look of love and enjoyment in her eyes.

Hobbies: music (learning, composing, playing, and hearing others play), computers (playing games, programming, computer art and visual effects), woodworking, gardening, painting, magic, watching good movies (old or new, it doesn't matter as long as it's something I want to see), reading science or technical books (Right now I'm reading, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, it's about String Theory.), Martial Arts, Photography, reading and posting in the Forums (there are a few I visit a lot), keeping in contact with family and friends

Current Job: Trying to get some sleep, but who has time to work with all the hobbies I have. LOL
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