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Student Profile: Zach & Luke

Friday, December 17, 2010
The Student Profiles on the blog will enable us to highlight students of ours from our Student Support Forum.  We have litteraly thousands of people going through our course, and this is a great way for us thank them and show their progress.  For this first installation of the Student Profile, we're going to feature two of our youngest students, Zach and Luke, who's father granted us permission to brag about our two young students! Enjoy!

Zach is 12 and Luke is 10 and they live near Bristol in the UK.  Both have been playing piano since they were 8, but like many boys, they had a desire to play the guitar.  After much consideration, their Dad ordered Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar.  They ordered the home school edition, which includes a teacher's guide and teacher support DVD’s.  These resources are extremely useful as neither parent plays the guitar.

It has been a month since it arrived and they are making good progress - already on session 4!  Their piano experience and tutoring helps, particularly when it comes to reading music.

Zach says, “Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is a brilliant course with an excellent teacher. Steve always knows what you’re doing wrong, it’s like he’s there with you.”

Session 2 with Zach:

Luke says, “I agree with Zach and would like to add that Steve is very good at the exercises because he’s not staring at the music like I am!”

Session 3 with Luke:

Dad says, “I am so impressed with this course.  Steve has clearly put a huge amount of work into producing a first-class product that exceeds our expectations.  The support was something we were not expecting.  Steve has responded personally to our posts on the Student Support Forum with some great feedback to our You Tube video posts.  It’s not just Steve; others in the Student Support community have been very helpful and encouraging too.”

Zach & Luke have immersed themselves in the Student Support Forums and have recently launched a blog to trace their journey through the course.  They have been recording video clips, uploading them to YouTube and linking them to their blog and posts.

Follow along with their progress through Zach and Luke's blog within our Student Support Forum or by subscribing to their YouTube Channel.
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