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L&M Student Profile of the Month: Bill Applegate

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Name: Bill Applegate

City: Newport Beach, CA

Forum Username: appledaddy

My Gear:
2007 Martin 000-28
2010 Fender American Standard Strat 3-Tone Sunburst – Maple Fretboard
2009 Catalina ’63 - (This is a little beach guitar. Consider it the “stunt double” for the Martin. It takes all the abuse and I don’t stress about the scratches and dings.

I have a borrowed George Dennis – “The Blue” amp. And, I bought a Soundseat before they went off the radar screen.

Favorite Artists/Bands: John Mayer, Keith Urban, Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, Eagles, Eric Clapton, U2, Bob Marley and so many more. I have a little over 2,500 songs in my iTunes library. I’d never heard of Joe Bonamassa or Rory Gallagher before LMG but listen to them both all the time now. I’ve been in a country mode lately.

Favorite styles to play: Rock, Blues, some Country. Looking forward to tackling the Blues course.

What made you want to play music?  I work in the financial world. I’m very much a Type A personality so the guitar is a great creative outlet for me, it helps me balance out my life. Guitar playing has a great calming effect on me. I’m a firm believer in trying and learning new things, always challenging ourselves.

I have become totally engrossed in the guitar/music world. This course has opened up my life to an entire new world. I’ve come to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the instruments, I now recognize guitarists in different bands, songwriters, etc. I’ve gotten a college level education from the LMG forums alone. The vast amount of experience and knowledge so freely given amazes me. Guitar players are the nicest people in the world. There is no competition, just a genuine kinship. There is an appreciation for accomplishment at every level of achievement. Everyone just wants to help. What an incredible environment for learning.

Previous music experience: None – unless you count six months of piano lessons in the third grade. I hated every minute of it. I sat on the bench to practice and just stared out the window. I wanted to be outside playing baseball with the other kids instead.  I started this just before turning 50.

If the house was on fire, which instrument would you grab? The Martin, sure I’d miss the others but that ‘nome thing can burn!

Favorite place to be when playing guitar: Outside on a warm summer evening with my dogs. They never laugh or complain.

Most delightful musical moment so far: Playing with a few friends at my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday party. I learned enough chords to strum along on Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. I was terrified but I got through it. It’s been a great story to relive and the butt of a lot of jokes.

Hobbies: Spinning, Skiing, Surfing, dogs, and my four new step kids. I got married just over a year ago and have children for the first time. This should provide plenty of material if I ever get the songwriting bug.

Current Job: Residential Loan Officer

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