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Course Walk-Through: Session 8 – Barre Chords on the 5th String

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I've given you almost 1 month exactly to get through Session 7. It's time to move to the next session - Session 8: Barre Chords on the 5th String. If you're still struggling with Session 7, it's OK. Session 8 is very similar and will help you with barre chords. (est. time 3 weeks)

If you've mastered the Session 7 barre chords, great! If not, keep strengthening your first finger and visit our forum for help from others who are working on it: Guitar Session 8.

Also to know, while there are barre chords on more than the 5th and 6th strings, we only will cover these two strings in the course. The reason is once you have mastered barre chords on the top two strings, you are generally equipped with what you need to know and do.

Fifth String Barre Chords

Here are a couple important things to remember from Session 7 to help with barre chords:

1. Keep your fingers straight as it will give you the maximum power you need where you need it.
2. Keep your wrist forward and low so there is plenty of space between your wrist and the neck.

Here are the notes on the 5th String (top) and the barre chord forms on the 5th String (bottom)

Barre Chords on fifth stringBe sure to practice these notes and chords so you can quickly identify and form them when you need to. Try using some exercises from the first few sessions, but use these notes in place of the ones given. You'll probably have to write them in above the note or use a simple notation software to create your own bar lines and exercises. The goal should be to memorize the 5th string barre chord forms.

Here are two exercises to help you practice the barre chord forms on the 5th string:

exercises for barre chords

Once you have become proficient with barre chords, you may want to play a few simple songs using barre chords. Here is a great thread on the forum that gives some great suggestions: Beginner Barre Chord Songs.

The rest of Session 8 focuses on Keys and Key Signatures. It is very important to know about keys so you can recognize the key and a change in key easily. Session 8 will help you do that!

Keep practicing and I'll see you in Session 9 - The Secret to Great Strumming. For a quick note of encouragement…it is always good to take a moment and reflect on how far you've progressed since session 1. You have learned notes on all the strings in the first position, know how to play chords in the first position, have learned a few songs, and are well on your way to mastering one of the hardest parts of learning the guitar - barre chords. You're doing great!
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