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Cyber Monday Sale

Monday, November 28, 2011
Today marks the single biggest online shopping day of the year. It's bigger than Black Friday and all other gift-giving holidays by far. I try to make this blog full of great guitar posts to help you learn and grow (and I think I've done a decent job so far), but we'd be pretty inept as a business if we didn't offer a great sale to both compete with other businesses but also, and more importantly, provide customers with a great opportunity to purchase our courses at a very reasonable price. Thus - the Cyber Monday Sale!

Cyber Monday Sale

This is a great opportunity for many reasons. Learn & Master courses make great gifts.

  1. Use one course to learn a new skill and give the second course as a gift.

  2. Give both courses as a gift to people you know want to learn.

  3. Keep both courses for yourself and practice 8 hours a day!

If you are not an owner of one of our 6 courses (guitar, piano, photography, drums, dance, painting), today is the day to become one. Read testimonials about each product by clicking on the links above. Our mission is to Bring Personal Dreams Within Reach and this sale will help do that for thousands of people!
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