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Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar App Reaches 2 Million Downloads

Monday, November 8, 2010
The gibson learn & master guitar app - download it free in the itunes storeRemember back in March when we announced that Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar App for the iPhone was available? We, today marks two big steps:

First, we surpassed two million downloads (that's 2,000,000)!! Hooray!  Who would have thought that in eight short months we would have won a Billboard Music Award for the app and hit the 2 million download mark? An update of the app is going to be released this week. If you don't have it and want it, go to the iPhone App download page by clicking the image on the right.

Second, the Android version of the app is available! The release of this version of the app was delayed due to some development set-backs, but no longer. If you own a Droid phone, you can find the app available on the Android Marketplace. Otherwise, we'll have it on our Guitar App page soon.

If I might add a third point, we will be releasing a version of the app for Intel devices, so stay tuned for that release!

Actually, I'm going to add a fourth nugget - although it is on a different topic.  Right now on our Student Support Forum, we are running a Great Smilie Contest! We want to collect musical, dancing, and art smilies (or emoticons) - like this one: Smilie - so that members can use them in the posts.  You can submit one and join in on the fun!

OK, no more additions, I promise!
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