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Introducing Skills House

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learn & Master Skills House

We're super excited to introduce Skills House on Gibson.com. Skills House is a brand new (launched today!) guitar lesson section powered by Learn & Master. It is complete with song lessons, guitar lessons, power workouts, style lessons, interviews, our Live Lessons and more. It may just be the most complete set of learning content online.

Here are the different lesson types within Skills House:

  1. Song Lessons - These are lessons on individual songs taught by various instructors and produced by us. Currently, you can learn Stand By Me, Get Back, Hallelujah, and Heartbreak Hotel. Each guitar part of the songs are broken down and explained and demonstrated for easy learning. Oh, and we'll continue to add more and more songs!

  2. Foundation Lessons - Just like the title suggests, these lessons are focused on lessons for beginner guitarists. Some of the content is straight from our course, the rest is unique to Skills House.

  3. Style Lessons - Blues, jazz, fingerstyle and classical lessons can be found here.

  4. Power Workouts - The more advanced section for serious guitarists. Barre chords, pentatonic scales, advanced open chords and connection notes on a scale.

  5. Interviews - Want to learn more about various guitarists? This is your place. While Jack Pearson is the only one there now, just wait!

  6. Live Lessons - You know, those Tuesday evening live broadcasts we've been doing for almost a year now. They're becoming quite popular.

  7. Guitar Apprentice - The newest way to learn guitar while playing awesome songs! Very interactive although one thing's for sure - this ain't no video game! Try it for free in Skills House.

electric guitar close up

As you can see - there is literally TONS of guitar content for all types and skill levels. We'll continue to add more and more stuff to Skills House as fast as we can. More songs, lessons and interviews are sure to come in the months ahead.

So check it out, spend some time learning and growing as a guitarist in Skills House.
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