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Love Your Guitar Month

Monday, February 14, 2011
Here at Learn & Master, we've dubbed February as "Love Your love my guitar monthGuitar Month"! After all, it is the month of romance. We've traditionally directed all our romantic feelings toward that special guy or gal. However, there's another 'gal' in your life that needs love and attention too. That's right - your guitar! She is needy, particular and oh so rewarding...but only if treated right.

We're doing what we can to help you get ideas of how to treat her right. To start things off, we sent our monthly newsletter with some great guitar-care tips by a close friend and Instructor of our Learn & Master Guitar Setup & Maintenance Course, Greg Voros. Greg is a Master Luthier at famous Gruhn's Guitar here in Nashville. Here's Greg tips:

Greg also joined us for our Tuesday Night Live Lessons last week to share more tips and answer questions from our students about guitar care. You can watch that, and all other Live Lessons on our USTREAM page: Click Here to watch. Join us weekly at Live Lessons for more great guitar lessons.

Here are some great, simple tips on how to Love Your Guitar:

  1. Keep it in tune! A tuned guitar is a happy guitar.

  2. Change the strings. We always try to get every little bit out of those strings and forfeit better tone.

  3. Clean and polish the body and neck. We recommend Professor Green's guitar polish. There aren't any harmful chemicals in these polishes.

  4. Check to see if it is too dry. Watch the video above on how to do this and what to do about it

  5. Get our Setup and Maintenance course so you can do your own guitar care!

I challenge you to show your guitar the care she deserves. Not only will the guitar look better and sound better, you're more likely to play and practice a clean, nice looking guitar. After all, that's what we want - more practice! I recently gave this challenged out over Twitter (@GibsonsLMGuitar) and received some great responses. Here's one that got us laughing:

tweet on guitar care

I give you the same challenge. What will you do to Love Your Guitar this month? Let us know and GO LOVE YOUR GUITAR!
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