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Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Just wanted to send a quick Merry Christmas to all our readers and students!

2010 has been a wonderful year for many reasons.  Some of the most obvious are: the Guitar iPhone app being released and winning an award (and then releasing the Android version), re-releasing our guitar course as Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar,  an upgraded forum and reaching over 16,500 members.

However, there are also many, more important, reasons 2010 was a super year that are not so obvious.  Here are three:

1. Lots of people began to learn guitar for the first time. Here and here are two example of hundreds, if not thousands!

2. Many people returned to the guitar after being away for a time (in many cases, after years without touching the guitar). Here are two inspiring stories: Greetings from Afghanistan & Old Dogs and New Tricks

3. We gained students literally all around the world: Philippines | Germany | NorwayCanada | South Africa | New Zealand

To wish you a Merry Christmas, I found a funny, little animated greeting where I could add a photo of myself and...well, just turn your speakers up, enjoy the short video and have a Merry Christmas!

Hope that was enjoyable...took some guts to put myself out there like that!  I'm so happy that 2010 turned out so many new guitarists and I look forward to many more next year.
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