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Shayne Hill on Live Lessons Tonight

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tonight is a special Live Lesson as special guest Shayne Hill will be joining us in just a few minutes! If you don't know Shayne, you should (and will if you join us tonight).

Shayne Hill (Guitarist for Sawyer Brown, Lee Ann Rimes) is a Nashville guitarist, singer,  and songwriter. He has played for numerous acts including Ty Herndon, Little Big Town, Chris Ledoux, Lee Ann Rimes, Nichole Nordeman, Michael English, Avalon, and currently the legendary country group Sawyer Brown.  Shayne has performed on the Tonight Show and countless stages across the US and abroad…AND HE'S WITH US TONIGHT!

Enjoy some photos of Shayne. We've got some good ones!

First off, because I know you'll ask, here is the gear being used tonight:

Shayne's two Pedal Boards:

Shayne Hill's pedal board

Shayne Hill's Pedal Board

Shayne's Guitar:

Shayne's Guitar

Shayne's rather loud (pun intended!) Amp:

Shayne Hill's Guitar Amp

Steve's Pedal Board:

Steve Krenz's pedal board

Steve and Shayne messing around before the broadcast:

Shayne and Steve playing guitar

Guitarist Shayne Hill

Shayne Hill with Steve Krenz

Shayne and Steve preparing for the Learn & Master Interview:

Shayne Hill preparing for Learn & Master Interview

Our Production guy, Paul (the man behind @LLSProduction on twitter) getting the electronics in order for the interview:

Paul getting ready for the interview

And the small talk intense guitar discussion after the interview!

Steve Krenz interviewing Shayne Hill

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