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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Our Student Forum is full of student recordings and videos. New ones are posted daily. It's a lot of fun to look through a certain student's history of recordings and hear how far they've come from that first song they recorded and posted for us. I thought I would collect a bunch of these and share them. Take some time to listen to all of these wonderful songs. Each one took practice and work to learn.

If you are wanting to start recording, I'd suggest two tools. One is SoundCloud (audio only) and the other is YouTube (click here for a tutorial of guitar recording technique for YouTube).

Video - Blues Solo Improv - (performed by Dusty1300)

Funky Fuzz on SoundCloud - (written and performed by CapM)

Ballad for the Times on SoundCloud- (written and performed by Kurt)

House of the Rising Sun on SoundCloud - (performed by _jleo_legacy and Steve Krenz)

Video - Original Song - (written and performed by kdkoadd)

Video - Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit (performed by Tom)

If you want to post your recordings to our forum to share with other students, the best place to do this is our Recording and Home Studio Forum. You could also start your own Student Blog and have immediate visitors!

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