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Ultimate-Guitar.com Reviews Learn & Master Guitar Course

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ultimate-guitar.com, the largest archive of tabs on the web and one of the primer sites for musicians has reviewed the Learn & Master Guitar course. Ultimate's Shekhar Dhupelia had some very nice things to say about the course:

"The instructor has a friendly, straightforward approach and the on-screen lessons and diagrams are clear and concise. Further, course offers access to an Online support and networking forum, where you can post questions to Steve Krenz and other buyers of the course, which in essence gives you access to a “virtual classroom”.

"A nice touch with the DVD lessons is that instead of showing a dry classroom setting, or an office or empty room, the lessons take place in a recording studio with a colorful ambience and lighting, which makes it more fun to watch the lessons.

"Have you taught yourself a few things, but never got around to formal lessons? Do you have limited free time, and can only learn during odd hours? Would you rather learn at your own pace, tackling one lesson every few weeks or taking a bunch of lessons really quickly? If any of these sound like you, then Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is just what you need."

Read the entire article here.
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